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Welcome to Problem Solved Roofing Townsville.  Check out our long list of services for both roofing and guttering. We have no doubt you will find what you are looking forward.
All of our services are available to residential owners, commercial property owners and business property owners alike. If you need a new roof or gutter, we are your roofing company. If you need repairs, restorations or replacement of your existing roofs or gutters, call us today.
We look forward to working on your roofs and gutters and giving you the best service possible, and doing our best to make Townsville even greater.
Considering our long list of services, you would be forgiven for not knowing which particular service you need. You know something might be wrong with your roof, but do you need some repairs, or a restoration, or maybe even a replacement?
And what is the difference between those three?
Later on this site, we try to answer that question, but even if upon reading that answer you are still unsure what service you require, don’t worry about it. All jobs begin with an inspection, and we will work with you to help you determine what work you need done. 

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roofing Townsville

About US

We take our work seriously. Both roofing and guttering are major investments for a new house, and having them repaired, restored or replaced are also large financial considerations that you have to consider.
Roofs are supposed to last for decades, so our work will be on display for a long period of time. That is a sobering, humbling thought, and it is something that is very important for us to consider. Knowing that our work will be on full show for years to come ensures that we put our best efforts in every job we take. That is the level of professionalism we should expect of our roofers, and that’s the level of professionalism we will give to you.
We provide a number of roofing and guttering services to residential and commercial customers. We provide roofing installation for new roofs, and repair, restoration and replacement services for existing roofs. We also provide gutter installation for new gutters, and repair and replacement services for existing gutters. As we’ve said before, if you are unsure of which service is best for you, we will help you come to that decision.
So please contact us, either by phone or via the contact form.

Our Roofing Services

Roof Installation Townsville

roof installation Townsville

It doesn’t matter if you are building a home, a shop, or a commercial property, you need a roof. Obviously, this is for practical reasons, as the roof keeps the elements out of your house or business, but it should also be a statement. It is the structure that can be seen the furthest, so shouldn’t it be a structure that mirrors your personality and core values.
It all matters; the colour and the shape and the roofing material. It all comes together to form something that will be around for more than 20 years. 
This is a massive responsibility for a roofing company. Our roofs will be there for the next generations to see and enjoy. Our helpful roof installation Townsville contractors look forward to walking this journey with you, of creating something that will last more than a generation. We can work with many different roofing materials, so call us and find out what your options are in regards to having the roof of your dreams.

Metal Roofing Townsville

metal roofing Townsville

One of the roofing materials we work with is metal, and even then, it is a broad subject. Metal roofing materials has become more popular over recent years, and for good reason. It is much lighter, it keeps out the water better and requires less maintenance. All of this means that it will also last a lot longer than the other types of roofing material.
And we didn’t even mention that it is more resilient to strong winds and rain, which can be a huge plus if future cyclone seasons get worse.
If you are interested in metal roofing, and want to know more about the types of metal roofing we provide, call us. We will help you make an informed decision about the best type of roofing material for your home.

Roof Repair Townsville

roof repair Townsville

Ignoring a leak, hoping it will go away, will likely mean that the leak will get bigger. Ignoring a tile that has broken off in the wind, means that your roof structure is more vulnerable to moisture damage, which can cause more leaks.
Put simply, putting off repairs will only mean that when you eventually call in someone to repair, the job will be more expensive than if you had it done when you initially found the problem.
When you find something wrong with your roofing, call our roof repair Townsville contractors. We’ll come check up on your problem and together we’ll determine the appropriate course of action. 

Roof Restoration Townsville

roof restoration Townsville

Repairs are the first level of damage fixes; restoration is the next level. If the damage is too extensive for a repair, than a restoration will be required.
Restorations completely make over your roof; you can change the roofing material, the colour, shape and size, everything. After a restoration, you’ll hardly recognise your house.
You don’t have to wait for roofing damage before you consider a restoration. Changing the roofing material has many benefits even if it isn’t to fix a roofing problem. New material can be more energy efficient, stronger, and better suited to hostile environments.
Whatever your plans, call our roof restoration Townsville contractors, and we will help you put those plans into fruition.

Roof Replacement Townsville

roof replacement Townsville

This is the final level of damage fixes. These are for roofing damages that are even to drastic for a restoration. A replacement will remove the roof that was there and replace it entirely.
But roof replacements are not just for catastrophic roofing damage. There are other reasons why someone might decide on a replacement rather than a restoration.
For example, metal roofing material lasts longer; a restoration might add some years to the lifetime of a metal roof, but a replacement can add decades. The same is true for other roof types that are nearing their ’end of life’. Sometimes it makes financial sense to spend the extra money on a replacement roof when your old roof is near its end.
Whatever the reason, call our roof replacement Townsville contractors, and we’ll contact you shortly. If you’re unsure of which service is appropriate for you, call us and we’ll walk you through the options.

Gutter Installation Townsville

gutter installation Townsville

New roofs need new gutters. Getting the right gutters right away helps limit future maintenance bills. We’ll help you figure out the best gutter material options for your house. We’ll also help you determine the correct gutter shape, size and colour.
Whatever you need, we can help you with. Our gutter installation Townsville contractors are looking forward to talking with you.

Gutter Repair Townsville

gutter repair Townsville

As long as gutters keep the water going from our roofs to the drains, we don’t give them much second thought. Broken gutters, though, can cause a surprising amount of damage to your property.
The reason why gutters do what they do, is because pools of water cause damage when left unchecked. On the roof, they can begin to rot the roofing structure away, which on the ground, at the foundations by your wall, they can cause erosion that causes cracks in your foundation. Both of these repairs can become expensive.
Call our gutter repair Townsville contractors to come check up on your gutters and fix them before the repair bill becomes greater.

Gutter Replacement Townsville

gutter replacement Townsville

Gutters can become so damaged that a simple repair can’t fix them. In these cases, you might have to replace the gutter entirely.
Or maybe, you’re having your roof replaced or restored. In such circumstances, the gutters might have to be replaced away.
Or thirdly, you might decide to have your gutters replaced because a different type of gutter material, size of gutters, or colour, suits your property better.
Call our gutter replacement Townsville contractors, and we will give your gutters a once over to determine the full extent of the current situation. Perhaps a repair is enough to fix the problem; perhaps we can help you with figuring out what type of gutter to put in next. Whatever you require of us, our friendly contractors are waiting to talk with you.

At Problem Solved Roofing Townsville, we will solve your roofing problems. We will also solve your guttering problems.
When you find a problem with your roofs or gutters, you should act immediately to ensure a small problem doesn’t become a massive problem. But whatever happens, we are your best option for your roofing concerns.
Call us, or leave your details in the contact form, and our courteous staff will contact you as soon as possible. We hope to work with you, and help make Townsville look that little bit better, property by property.

Have Questions? See Below For Some Answers


We can easily answer one of these fight off the bat. Installations are for new homes or properties; buildings that have never had a roof. All the others are for existing roofs, that may have experienced different levels of damage, or might be due to aesthetic or financial reasons.
The smallest job, and thus the cheapest, is Repairs. Repairs are for fixing leaks, or broken tiles, or storm damage due to fallen tree limbs, or similar reasons. The damage is usually confined to a section of the roof. Think of repairs as being like giving yourself a band aide to cover and protect a cut.
Taking this ‘band aide’ analogy one step further, you would not consider using a band-aide on major wounds. For those, you need surgery. And while the analogy doesn’t work perfectly, a restoration will be required if the damage to your house if more extensive than a repair can handle.
A restoration is like giving your roof a total makeover. The basic structure of the roof remains behind, but much of what is seen to the outside is replaced. This includes the roofing material, so you could decide to replace your original tile roofing material with metal roofing, or you might decide to simply change the colour or style of the tile.
Whatever you decide, after the restoration, your roof will have a completely new look. Some people don’t even wait until their roof is damaged to request a restoration. Perhaps they’ve decided that the benefits of metal roofing are what they want to have now, perhaps they want to save energy costs by having a more energy efficient roofing material, or a roofing materials that is cooler during the summer.
The third option, replacement, is more drastic than the first option. During Replacements, we will replace the old roof and build you a new one. This includes the new roofing material option of the first, but it may also require the gutting and rebuilding of the underlying roof structure.
Replacements are for those times when the damage is even too drastic for a restoration to be able to fix; it’s so bad, that effectively, you need a complete new roof.
And while Replacements are more expensive than Restorations, there are still times when people may decide to replace their roof even if it hasn’t sustained damage. This is particularly the case when it is coming to the end of its lifetime. A Restoration may extend the life of the roof by a number of years, but a Replacement could extend it by a few decades.
Your situation might be different to the ones listed here, or perhaps you are still confused. That is ok; we want to help you through the process of figuring out what typing of roofing job you require. Just call us or leave your details in the contact form, and we’ll walk with you through the process.


Sometimes it’s very easy to determine there’s something wrong with your roof. For example, you could be standing in your living room, looking up through a giant hole at the sun. That’s a pretty big clue.

Usually, though, the clues are a little less obvious, and you need to be something of a Sherlock to find them. But it is important to look for them, as the little problems of today, if unchecked, can turn into the roof restoration or replacement jobs of a few years’ time.

Now, for these first handful of clues, you’re going to need to look at your roof. Unless you have access to a drone (or Google Maps’ satellite image of your house is extremely detailed), you will have to climb a ladder to see them. Be careful doing this, as falls from ladders can lead to serious injuries and death. So, please, don’t perform any risky actions.

1) These first three are related to shingles. If you don’t have shingles, they obviously don’t relate to you. But if you do … check your gutters. When shingles start wearing out, they start shedding this thick, black-ish sandlike substance called ‘granules’, which, thanks to water movement, will end up in your gutters.

2) Are your shingles cracked? Are they missing? Have they begun to curl at the edges? Shingles must be flat to your roof, otherwise moisture can get underneath them, which is precisely what the shingles are supposed to stop happen.

3) Do your shingles look damp? Dark? Dirty? These could all be Sherlock-like evidence that your shingles are already trapping moisture in and around itself.

4) Leaving shingles alone, we look at your roof valley now. Your roof usually comes in different sections with differing slopes and angles of roofing materials. The connection of these different sections is the roof valley. Water usually flows along these points, so corrosion and rust can be a problem with them. These can turn into leaks if left alone.

​5) A rolling stone may gather no moss, but your roof can, particularly in places where it is shaded from the sun, often in cracks between roofing material. Moss soaks in the water, and moisture that stays around on your roof surface is a bad thing particularly if it gets under the roofing material.

6) You can come back down now and put the ladder (or drone) away. Instead, go inside and get to the top-most part of your house, that room or crawl space where there is nothing between you and the sky except the roof. Do you see moisture stains on the ceiling, caused from leaks from above? That’s a clear clue your roof has a leak problem.

7) Still in this top-most part of your house, and another clear clue is if you can see sunlight coming in through cracks or holes in the ceiling. If you can see out, water can get in, and that brings a whole lot of problems like mould and disease carrying insects like mosquitoes.

8) Last tip while you’re still in this room: can you see any sagging in your wooden rafters? This is probably due to water leaks from outside causing your wood problems.

9) This is the last tip, but it doesn’t require ladders or spending time in crawl spaces. It’s about how old your roof is. Roofs can last 20 to 25 years (more, depending on material). If yours is coming up to that time, it would be prudent to bring in someone to check your roof.

* This site, Problem Solved Roofing Townsville, is a referral site. All work will be passed on to and completed by a licenced Roofing contractor.